You can get your painting two different ways: on paper, or on canvas. What’s the difference?

I like painting on watercolor paper. These paintings can turn out more transparent, as the paint can be allowed to “wash” in places. People usually like to frame these types of paintings behind glass.
Canvas is fun to paint on because you can really build up the layers of paint. Paintings on canvas usually look more opaque than paintings on paper. People often frame canvases without glass…sometimes they don’t frame them at all and hang them “as is” for a more modern effect. This is especially the case if you want a thicker canvas, such as a 1.5 inch. (I default to regular canvases, which will be a little shy of an inch thick, so if you want a thicker canvas, just let me know.)

So, now that you’re in the know, here’s a look at some sizes and prices!*
8×10 on paper………190
8×10 on canvas……200
9×12 on paper………240
9×12 on canvas……250
11×14 on paper…….290
11×14 on canvas….300
16×20 on paper…….330
16×20 on canvas….350
All additional subjects are an additional 30% of the original price. For example: If you wanted me to paint both you and your dog, on 8×10 paper, the price would be $247. Or if you wanted me to paint you and your dog AND your cat, then the price would be $304.
These are just some popular sizes. If you’re looking for something not on the list, just let me know and we’ll work somethin’ out 🙂
*This is a 2020 price list, and it’s subject to change.