March 24, 2021
A bit late announcing this...but better late than never! 
The illustrations for SAMMY SAVES THE DAY were completed last year, and now the published book is available! To purchase your very own copy, contact the author directly at!

Jan 21, 2021
Well, here's another throwback! This little dog was painted before Christmas; but I thought I'd like to share her and some pics of the process!
This little 5x7" painting was gratifying, since its small size allowed me to get up close with the details, yet cover ground too! I actually made my preliminary sketch weeks before transferring it to canvas, as I started it between projects. I've recored some "before and afters" for fun!
I actually vacillated between two different thanks, Trusty Notebook, for absorbing my indecision! And in the end, I went with my first sketch. I think with art, it's important to listen to your gut -- it's usually correct. I was really happy with how this little gal turned out!

Which one???

Okay, we're going with this one.

Izzy, folks. Don't this gal like here style? :-)

January 13, 2021
The Pavilion at Moore's Mill Country Club was a lovely place for a first dance! What struck me the most was the laid back and open atmosphere. Windows surrounded the venue, giving a clear view to the pristine grounds. It was a chilly evening last Saturday, but I got to paint beside a massive fireplace, and I also got to work with some very warm-hearted people. 
Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Currie!


Pavilion at Moors Mill Country Club

First Dance

If I look's probably because I was :-)

January 13, 2021
Commissioned Painting
This was completed just last Saturday, though I've anticipated creating it for months as it waited patiently in queue!
The client took the reference photo while his fishing buddy had his back turned. He wanted it to be a surprise gift.
For me, this painting tells a story. The man's boat, full of trusty tools that have probably been used most of a lifetime. The quiet, glassy lake that he seems to know like a best friend. This is a fisherman at home.




January 13, 2021

Anniversary Party at the historic Rawls Hotel.

Throwback alert! This was a December painting, as the "Christmasy" decor may have already shown! This year has ended and begun with a bang...and posting has a way of being shoved to the bottom of the "to-do" list.
But what a night to remember. Though weddings are usually the subjects of my Live Event Paintings, this painting was different and super special. Two daughters wanted to throw a surprise 25th wedding anniversary for their parents! I was so moved by the love this family had for each other, and honored to be part of this celebration.
November 29, 2020
I love the moment I can hand off a painting to its rightful owners! Congrats to this cute couple!

The painting is complete! Congrats to Brittani and Jackson!

Loved meeting this cute couple (and that puppy...NO WORDS)!


November 15, 2020
Had a blast at Oak Meadow Event Center in Ohatchee, Alabama! A drizzily afternoon turned into a glorious night! Can't wait to complete this painting. Congrats to Brittani and her lucky guy!


Photo by Oak Meadow Event Center

Photo by Oak Meadow Event Center